Stepping outside of my comfort zone to try new and active things has been my mission the last few months. This weekend, I tried mountain biking. My friend Jessie, who seems to do all kinds of things, like a complete natural, is my favorite motivator. It's because we laugh, constantly. She helped me finish my first 5k this summer too.

We drove to adventure around the 26 miles of trails at Lory State Park. It's so amazing, that just 20 minutes away from Fort Collins, is a treasure like this park.

I wore a helmet and the padded spandex that I no longer judge. Those things are very valuable. Nobody wants bruising down there. I borrowed an official mountain bike which is tougher and has less bounce/shocks.

We rode what felt like mostly uphill, but it wasn't terrible. There were open spaces and tiny dirt trails. Some loose dirt, some rock shelves and sharp turns required my full attention, but I never fell or hurt myself.

As with any of the new things I've challenged myself to do, whether it's my 50 pound weight loss, yoga poses, a 5k or mountain biking, the best feeling comes at the end. At the end I feel so proud of myself for trying something new, which is never the most comfortable thing to do.

"Laughter Makes Everything Better" Kama/TSM
"Laughter Makes Everything Better" Kama/TSM

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