Test your knowledge of The 80s each weekday at 4:20 with Dave Jensen. He'll ask the question and the first caller with the correct answer to 1-800-964-1025 wins that day's prize.

Plus, each afternoon at 4:10, Dave sends out a hint with the RETRO 102.5 app.

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Recent questions include:

  • What was the car that Lane and Monique rebuilt in 'Better Off Dead?'
  • What state does Bill Murray compare Czechoslovakia within the movie 'Stripes?'
  • In 'Back to the Future' what is Biff's last name?
  • Where is Balki from on 'Perfect Strangers?'
  • What is the name of the detective agency on 'Moonlighting?'

Dave's Hot Tub Time Machine of 80s Trivia is sponsored by Patio Splash Hot Tubs and Spas, part of an 8-5 No Repeat Workday on RETRO 102.5.

Your hint for September 16, 2021:


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