I guess I had been putting it off. I have never been a runner. I have always found ways to avoid running. But this time, for this goal, I just wanted to run, not walk, a 5k. Which in this town can seem small. I have runner friends training for marathons and 10k's.

Since my health journey success, I had been running 1 mile with no pain and not much mental complaint. I hadn't even tried to run more. Everyone told me that the first mile was the hardest. Soo, I had that down.

I signed up to do the Firekracker 5k and thankfully so did my friend, an actual runner who gave me laughter and technique along the way. July 4th was my time. I did it. I never walked, just slowly, really slowly ran the 3.1 miles that is a 5k. My knees are okay. My sense of self is high. I smiled and I did it!  I ran a 5k!

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