Everything I want to say sounds cliche. It's all true. The things you hear about taking control of your life, doing something for yourself and feeling so amazing as things start to change.

In October of 2015, I decided to commit to weight loss and health with the guidance of Benchmark Medical Group. A reminder, even with help from professionals, YOU still have to do the hard work. I have worked out. I have made lifestyle changes. I have changed what I eat. I have changed how I think about myself. WAIT, before you start to differentiate me, from you, please realize the following: I hate to workout, I love food and drink with all my emotions, I have scoliosis, I have a bad foot, I have 3 kids, I am a wife, I work and I socialize.

There is no obstacle worth feeling miserable or living a life in pain. You get one shot at living a good life. At any moment our worlds can get rocked, don't you want to be ready to swim, ready to fight?

Truthfully, I had been so out of control I wasn't sure I could reel myself back in. I emotionally ate and drank as my right, to my intense life. No matter what form of "bettering yourself" you choose, do it. You can. I am so much better. Better in ways I didn't think of before. I say "yes" to things I always said "no" to. Like playing yard games, fitness challenges, crazy clothes I never fit into, dancing and things that feel like REAL LIFE!

It's not just the 50 pound weight loss in terms of being a tinier person, it's the joy that comes with accomplishment and knowing that if I did this, I can truly do anything.


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