Losing weight is not easy. Nothing that has a true impact on your life, is easy, and a 50 pound weight loss has had a huge impact on my life. I have now been able to keep that weight off for 6 months, which assures me that this, is in fact, the new me. I have to keep myself in check and motivated.

Part of keeping myself on track is staying active. Sometimes I go to both a yoga class and a Benchmark boot camp class in the same day, sometimes I only get in a few jumping jacks and some push-ups. I try hard to be proud of myself everyday. I drink lots of water and eat as many raw veggies as I can. Laughing is like therapy, so I try to laugh often. I am no longer on a strict diet, but with all the knowledge and coaching I received from Benchmark Medical Group, I know how to eat for my body. The transformation is from the inside out, I am such a better version of myself now. I encourage you to get started on a journey to the best version of yourself.

If you are interested in finding out more about the place I love and thank for my success, Benchmark Medical Group has some incredible specials going to get to you started. They offer weight loss coaching, massage, B12 shots, quick workouts and tons more healthy stuff, all in one place. You will be treated with love and as an individual when you step through their doors.

Cheers to the journey and chance to take control and change things!

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