Why would anyone want to be really cold, on purpose? Perhaps because athletes, celebrities and people who live in pain, are all swearing by this cutting edge cold therapy for health benefits. I'm talking about cryotherapy where you stand in a chamber that uses gasiform nitrogen to rapidly lower the skin’s top layer to 32°F while the cabin temperature drops around -250°F.

Whole Body Cryotherapy claims that "during the two to three minutes of extreme cold, the brain stimulates the body’s organ regulatory functions resulting in energy increase, cell rejuvenation, immune system boost, and overall system self-healing." And perhaps, everyone's most favorite side effect of this cold treatment are the claims that it "stimulates collagen production, resulting in anti-aging skin rejuvenation and cellulite reduction. Also, a surge in metabolism consumes 400 to 800 calories, aiding in weight loss."

Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor has brought the first cryotherapy tank to Northern Colorado. Benchmark specifically has the Cryosense chamber. Cryosense shares several of the studies they have done on their official website.

You can watch my complete cryotherapy treatment in this video. It's worth trying!!

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