An Italian restaurant in Colorado suffered what qualifies as a "no good deed goes unpunished" situation, as while trying to make things better, things went awry.

If you are a fan of movies from the '80's, the scene may look familiar to you. Hopefully, there's not mad barbarian roaming the land, nearby.

What Happened to This Restaurant in Colorado?

In Castle Rock, there's an Italian restaurant, Scileppi’s at The Old Stone Church, that resides within an... old stone church, that was first built in 1888.

During some expansion construction that Scileppi’s was conducting January of 2024, part of the stone wall of the old church gave way, and collapsed.

Damaged Colorado Restaurant
Facebook/Scileppi’s at The Old Stone Church
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How Long Has This Restaurant Been Located Inside the Church?

The church became a restaurant for the first time in 1975. In 2018, Scileppi’s came in.

The Damage Resembles a Scene from a Movie From 1986

In 1986's "Highlander," there is a scene where the "bad guy" of the fantasy action-adventure comes to the home of the main character.

The main character is away at the time, but his friend and wife are there. The bad guy duels with the main character's friend; during that battle, the walls of the home crumble.

The classic "Kurgan vs. Ramirez" Duel:


When Will Scileppi’s Re-Open?

Given the nature of the damage, and it being such an old church, there is no way for them to estimate when they'll be able to have customers in, again.

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