Fort Collins is no stranger to its fair share of fried chicken joints, with many different options to choose from. Yet today, it has one less contender in the battle for chicken restaurant supremacy.

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In this case, it's a local Colorado favorite - with a half dozen locations across the state - that opened up shop in October of 2021 and found near immediate success at the old IHOP location on South College Ave, just north of Prospect near the CSU campus.

The Post Chicken & Beer has abruptly closed the doors of their Fort Collins location, leaving only Lafayette, Longmont, Rosedale, Boulder, Estes Park and a LoHi location in Denver for you to choose from.

They opened only just under three years ago to much fanfare after a pretty extensive remodel of the old IHOP location on College.

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But after several fans of the hot chicken spot reported showing up to locked doors, one user on social media reported being greeted by a sign on their door that now reads:

Dear Lovers of Post,

We have closed this restaurant. We so deeply appreciate all of your support over these last several years!!

Please visit our nearby POST locations in Estes Park, Longmont and Lafayette.

Yours in Chicken & Beer, The Post Family.

Sad but true. If this was your favorite chicken spot, you'll now be forced to choose from the other eleventy-billion options throughout Northern Colorado, many even mere blocks away up and down College Ave in Fort Collins!

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