Marriages in Colorado would look a lot different if we could all choose a celebrity to be married to. It is fun to dream of being married to a "big star" though, right?

If you're looking for romance in Colorado, there are plenty of places to find it. Imagine visiting Loveland on Valentine's Day with your "arm candy" at your side.

Or, how about taking a hike along Bear Lake in Estes Park, with everyone staring at your husband/wife?

Finding "Mr. Right" or "Mrs. Right" in Colorado isn't always easy. Even when you do find the right person, making it last can be tough. Would it be easier if you were married to your celebrity crush?

Colorado's Celebrity Crushes

It would make a great Hollywood movie: Two people in Colorado get married to their celebrity crushes. Mayhem would probably ensue, but the end would be sweet. A box office success, for sure.

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Shane Company, based out of Colorado, recently gathered data on who everyone's "Dream Celebrity Wife" and "Dream Celebrity Wife" would be. They did so, by tracking Google Search Trends for a year.

A year full of people across America searching for their favorite celebrity crushes.

Who Is Colorado's 'Dream Celebrity Husband?'

Colorado's Celebrity Crushes
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Dwayne Johnson.

When it comes to "Dream Husband," Coloradans aren't alone in choosing the former WWE star and current Hollywood hunk, Dwayne. He was #1 in more than eleven U.S. states' searches.

It's hard to not like Dwayne Johnson; even Jack Black loves him so much, he does a "spot-on" impression of him:

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Who Is Colorado's 'Dream Celebrity Wife?'

Colorado's Celebrity Crushes
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Amy Adams.

While a majority of the U.S. chose Dwayne Johnson as their "Dream Celebrity Husband," only Colorado and Idaho chose Amy Adams as their "Dream Celebrity Wife."

I wholeheartedly agree with having Amy Adams as my own 'Dream Celebrity Wife." I've been a big fan of everything Amy Adams has been in, especially "Charlie Wilson's War." I even liked her in the weird Netflix movie, "The Woman in the Window."

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