What's crazier: A movie about Barbie having to enter the "Real World" with Ken, or that someone from Loveland, Colorado, is also in it?  A Colorado celebrity will be making his Hollywood debut in this wild fantasy.

Crazier things have happened, that's for sure, but it does seem "whacky" that a super sports fan from Loveland has somehow made it into a movie about the doll, Barbie. If you've seen the trailer for the movie, you'll have to agree it looks fun; it'll be fun, as well, to spot our own celebrity.

YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures

I'll admit, that when I heard that they were making a movie about Barbie, I was non-thrilled. Then, you find out the great Margot Robbie will be Barbie and Ryan Gosling will be Ken, and you start to get interested. Then, you see the trailer.

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Once I saw how this all sets up, and that it also has Will Ferrell in it, I said, "Let's do this."  Then, to add more to the fun, I found out that a celebrity that I know from Loveland was offered a cameo in the movie. How can we not go see it, now?


Luke-Lorick-Loveland-Colorado (1)
Facebook/Luke Lorick

Luke Lorick, who lives is Loveland, created the national holiday - National Tailgating Day (the first Saturday in September) in 2016. Luke's website, Tailgating-Challenge.com features everything "tailgating," including reviews on fun tailgating products.

Luke became a Loveland celebrity when he set a Guinness World Record for the Longest Backwards Cornhole Shot, in June of 2022 at The Foundry in Downtown.

TSM/Dave Jensen


Warner Bros. Pictures reached out to Luke about using one of his YouTube videos as part of a montage scene in "Barbie." It's a scene where Ken is witnessing, for the first time, "men being men" in the Real World. Things like our Tailgating Champion opening a beer fridge that's in the back of a pickup truck.

They'll be using a snippet of this video, from about the 01:09 mark:

This is going to be fun. "Barbie" comes out on July 21, 2023. Have you seen the trailer, yet?

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