Being on the west end of Loveland and right on travelers' way up to Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park or other adventurous locations, this will be a perfect spot for a new outdoors establishment.

By August, JAX Outdoor Gear, Ranch & Home hopes to be opening up a second Loveland location at Eisenhower and Wilson, right where Kmart used to be.

That Kmart was the last one remaining in Colorado, until it had to close in September of 2019. As a person who grew up in Loveland, I visited that old Kmart a lot; I remember getting 'Freezees' all the time as a kid.

The Reporter-Herald has the story on how JAX bought the property for $5 million, with $1.5 million in tax rebates provided by the City of Loveland.

According to the Reporter-Herald, the current JAX in Loveland, near Madison and Eisenhower, will transform into a more farm-oriented store, while the new location will be a 'full-line' store, much like their location on north College in Fort Collins.

The new Loveland location will have an ice cream bar and bicycles, as well.

From what I understand, the laundromat, which sits on the south end of the parking lot, will remain.

Get more on the new JAX from the Reporter-Herald HERE.

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