Back in late 60s into the 80s Loveland used to have a Lego manufacturing operation, so it shouldn't come a huge surprise that someone might take some of the toys to create some of Loveland’s well known buildings and landmarks! John Metcalf did just that, and we got some pictures of the awesome creations!

I stopped in at the Lincoln Gallery in Loveland on May 1st, to take a look and take some pictures of the Lego Loveland display on its last day. Initially, John Metcalf of Loveland had created the display for some fancy city gathering, and then the gallery got him to display it in their window for a while. I was a little shocked at how small the display actually was. I was even more shocked at how cool it was!

Well over a dozen of the city’s well-known buildings – Including the Pulliam Community Building, The Dam Store, the Civic Center, and Dairy Delite took up a three foot by 2 foot display! I can’t imagine how long it must have taken to create the town in Legos. I was told that they had to put up a ‘do not touch’ sign after a kid had come in and all but destroyed the display with his skateboard, with not even an apology!

Nice job, John!

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