They had a great run of 10 years in Downtown Loveland, even having enough success to open a second spot in Colorado, but the time has come to let this one go.

Chef Clay moved with his wife to Loveland in 2013, bringing southern flavors (especially gumbo) to town with his 25 years of restaurant experience.

TSM/Dave Jensen

The 10+ years of running his original Loveland spot has had its challenges, for sure. Now, Chef Clay is ready to step away from that endeavor.

After succeeding for seven years at the corner of Fourth Street and Cleveland in downtown Loveland, Chef Clay took the opportunity to move the restaurant into a new downtown development, The Foundry, in 2020.



Even before moving into The Foundry, the restaurant ran into one issue after another. They had to change the name of the place from Mo' Betta Gumbo to Betta Gumbo because another restaurant in Utah, Mo' Bettah's was already (kind of) using the original name.

They looked at expanding the restaurant when it was on Fourth Street, but the building's conditions and permits put an end to that.

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Facebook/Betta Gumbo

So, moving into the brand new The Foundry seemed prudent: A bigger space, lots of traffic, and it was a new building.

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The pandemic hit Betta Gumbo like any restaurant, but they managed to come out of it OK. Then, in early 2023, things slowed down; they even had to close to fix water damage from one of the apartments above the restaurant. That didn't help the restaurant.

In the summer of 2023, Chef Clay even toyed with the restaurant becoming a new steakhouse for Loveland, but that didn't last long; Lovelanders loved Betta Gumbo.

Facebook/Betta Gumbo

Then, as the 2023 holidays were approaching, Chef Clay announced that, basically, "enough is enough" and that he'd be shutting down the restaurant after Oct. 29, 2023.

Betta Gumbo's Windsor location was set to remain open at that time.

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