It's great to see a small Colorado business succeed in such a way that it can open more locations, becoming a "little bigger" small business.

This pie shop has been stealing the hearts of LaPorte, Colorado, since 2012; now they come to take on a town that's bigger but has that "small town" feel, with pies and coffee.


Colorado has a new coffee shop to check out, one that also comes with pie.

Me Oh My Pie opened up its second Colorado location in Loveland in September 2023. The spot it occupies in Loveland used to be home to Curves Fitness; now, you don't have to work out to enjoy a break in your day.

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It was in September 2022 that Me Oh My Pie announced that it would be coming to Loveland, branching out from its original beloved spot in LaPorte.


While My Oh My will be using the Loveland spot to help with production and be more of a "grab and go" spot, it is a great little coffee shop for Northern Colorado's Sweetheart City.


One of the perhaps unexpected things you'll find at Me Oh My - Coffee & Pie in Loveland is chicken pot pie. I did not see that coming when I checked the place out. For $10, you can get a "take & bake" chicken pot pie; I think that's great.

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TSM/Dave Jensen

Also, Loveland's Me Oh My has great custom-made wood tables to sit at; they are very well-made and very handsome.

TSM/Dave Jensen
TSM/Dave Jensen

Take a good look inside My Oh My - Coffee & Pie in Loveland

Inside a Favorite Colorado Coffee and Pie Shop's Latest Location

A look inside of Me Oh My - Coffee & Pie in Loveland, Colorado.

Gallery Credit: Dave Jensen

Nasty 1-Star Google Reviews of Colorado's Nastiest Coffee Shops

Did you know that 91% of Americans buy coffee at a coffee shop at least once per week? Were you aware that 37% of Americans purchase coffee at restaurants or coffee shops four days a week or more? That info comes from a May 29, 2023 report from Craft Coffee Spot.

In my experience, coffee is like pizza, sex, and Star Trek in that even when it's bad, it's still pretty good. As a matter of fact, it's hard to recall the last time I had a bad cup of coffee at a shop or restaurant.

Judging by reviews posted on Google, evidence exists indicating some shops have been known to serve less-than-exquisite coffee. In some instances, the coffee was fine, but the staff was rude.

Some Google reviews were bitter (pun intended) while others were flat-out ridiculous. For your daily laugh, here's a look at some nastilicious 1-star Google Reviews of Colorado coffee houses. Keep in mind, most of these reviews are absolutely absurd, and this is all in fun.

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