Join me as I travel around Northern Colorado in search of NoCo's Greatest Pie.  This week, a stop at Pizza Street in Loveland.

In pursuit of Northern Colorado's Greatest Pie, my 'Pizza My Heart' series traveled to my hometown, Loveland, to check out Pizza Street.

Though the place has been around for about 12 years, neither I or my cohort Jake had ever been there, so we had zero clues on what to expect when we entered the little storefront off of Boise and Madison, behind the Breakfast Club.

Boom. The first thing we realized is that it's a take-out or delivery place. Only. No seating. OK. But we were on a mission; no stopping us. We asked the gentleman running the place what the most popular pie is- 'Probably the Chicken Ranch.'  We ordered a 14" Chicken Ranch - all pies come with  a couple of sodas, so we got two Diet Dr. Peppers and waited.

As we killed time, we noticed the cookies on display on the other side of the small joint. Grandma's Mountain Cookies is next door, and they kind of work together. A woman popped in while we were there for a cookie and a soda. Odd/not odd.

So, there we were with a pizza and no place to really eat it. We weren't going to go back to the station, that would have been silly. Then, it hit me: 'A microbrewery! People bring pizzas in those joints all the time!'  It was 12:30. Luckily, Loveland Aleworks opens at Noon!

So we ventured over to Aleworks (you'll notice I wore my City Star Brewing shirt that day,) grabbed a couple of pints and had some pie.

The Chicken Ranch was VERY good. Ranch dressing subs for pizza sauce, with jalapenos, bacon, tomatoes, mozz, and cheddar.

The Google rating for Pizza Street (98 reviews) is 4.2  I would agree with that, if only I could have a seat. My Pizza My Heart rating: 4.0 Pepperonis out of 5.

Loveland's Pizza Street

Pizza Street wrapped up my 'Pizza My Heart' reviews for July 2019. The month's top review goes to JJ's Wood-Fired Pizza at 4.5. Congratulations, Gang!


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