I have been traveling around Northern Colorado in search of 'NoCo's Greatest Pie' for several months now. But with the current state of things, I've had to make a change in how I pursue my quest.

I can't travel to try out pizza and having pizza delivered from say Millken doesn't sound like the right thing to do, either, so I've decided on a new way to go about my weekly pizza review.

I'm now bringing home a frozen pizza from my local grocery store (Loveland's Downtown Safeway) and a can of beer made by one of our local breweries. When I told my boss about my new idea, he said, 'When there's a will, there's a [way].'

Here is Frozen Pizza & Beer #3: A Stouffer's French Bread Pizza along with  Maxline Brewing of Fort Collins' IPA

I'll be reviewing IPAs, as statistics show that IPAs are the most popular of craft beersand sausage and/or pepperoni pizzas, since they are the most commonly consumed pie as well. And, let's be honest-- grocery stores do not carry a WIDE selection of pies, so I had to make do with the flavors that were easiest to get my hands on.

I stopped by Beverage World on my way home on Wednesday, April 22, 2020, and hit up their 'pick-six' case for ONE can of the Maxline IPA (since I'd not had one, yet).

The pizza was $4 and the can of beer was $2.50, making the whole 'dinner' cost about $7.

My beer reviews for the new edition of 'Pizza My Heart' will go as follows: I'll have one can. Then, I'll choose to say 'Yes, I would have liked another,' or 'No, the one was enough.'

The pizza rating will be based on either 'I'll will/won't finish the other half tomorrow' or 'I'd buy this [personal pie] again.'

With the pizza, who am I trying to kid? French Bread Pizza is not pizza. I mean, it was O.K., but it just doesn't have that 'pizza' feel.

Maxline's IPA is a great beer, though, it has just a slight haze and a medium body.

My Frozen Pizza & Local Beer Review #2:

Stouffer's: I'll pass next time the idea pops in my head.

Maxline IPA: I'd definitely have another and I can't wait to stop in after things really reopen.

How is your menu changing with the current COVID-19 restrictions?

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