Join me as I travel around Northern Colorado in search of 'NoCo's Greatest Pie.' This week, Berthoud Pizza Company.

My 'Pizza My Heart' series made its first stop into Berthoud this week, to the four-year-old Berthoud Pizza Company.

Located a block north of Mountain on 4th Street, they're easy to find in the small town. The building is on the historic register, as it dates back to 1921. So, you can have a slice of pizza, and a slice of history.

Jacob Laxen, TSM

My cohort Jake and I stopped in on the afternoon of February 27, 2020.

Berthoud Pizza Company is small; inside they have three small tables, there are also a few outside.

They take a lot of pride in their ingredients: Their ham, bacon, and pepperoni are all uncured, meaning they are free of nitrates and nitrites. Their homemade chorizo and Italian sausage are hormone and antibiotic-free. Plus, the flour they use for their crust is unbleached and unbromated. Wow.

They do pizza-by-the-slice and regular pies. We opted for a full pie off their specialty list - the Supreme: Mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, red onion, green peppers, and black olives.

The hand-tossed pie came out in about ten minutes and looked great. Loads of toppings.

Jacob Laxen, TSM
Jacob Laxen, TSM

I don't think I'd had uncured pepperoni before; you can really taste the difference. All the other toppings, including the awesome sausage, were spot-on. The crust was baked just right, just the slightest 'crunch.'

Obviously, not a place to bring the softball team, but I'm sure they do very well with delivery and pickups. Plus, they carry Coke products. That goes a long way for the cohort, Jake.

Google Reviews (267 of them) give BPC an average of 4.6 stars. I'm going to disagree, by just a little. I love what they're doing with the ingredients, but that seems just a little high.

My 'Pizza My Heart' review: 4.5 Pepperonis out of 5.

Keep it up, Gang.

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