How would you like a candle that smells like Colorado? No, it doesn't smell like weed.

So, what does Colorado smell like? According to Homesick Candles, it is reminiscent of mountain spruce and ski lodge. A Colorado candle will cost you $29.95. It burns 60-80 minutes. makes and sells candles that smell like all 50 states.

What Homesick Candles says some other states smell like

  • Iowa - scents reminiscent of the state fair
  • Kansas - smells of torrential rain storms, sunflowers, denim, and open plains
  • Minnesota - winter air and Minnesota apple strudel
  • Nebraska - hints of open plains, fresh linen, and vanilla
  • New Mexico - hints of chiles, desert air, and sopapilla
  • North Dakota - hints of mountain spruce, winter air, & brush of the Great Plains
  • Tennessee - Magnolia and Tennessee single malt whiskey
  • Texas - fresh cotton, and a touch of sage
  • Utah - hints of desert air, mountain spruce, and ski lodge
  • Wyoming - reminiscent of sagebrush and open plains

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