Thanks to the historic blizzard last weekend, we had national media all over our part of America covering the storm. It's no surprise that included The Weather Channel who spent their time kinda interviewing a Colorado dog named "Moose".

I really can't blame Weather Channel stud Mike Seidel. You're covering a blizzard. What are you gonna do other than say "Yep, it sure is snowing a lot". He took it to an entirely another level by talking about the weather with this dog owner. But, he mostly spent time talking to and about "Moose". The internet seems to love Moose's 15 minutes of fame.

As The Denver Post reported, the blizzard last weekend was the 4th largest on record. Would an Alaskan Malamute like "Moose" be happy about that fact? You're danged right that "Moose" is happy about constant snow for days. As Wikipedia documents, Alaskan Malamutes are bred to carry heavy freight IN ALASKA. That's like Colorado if Chuck Norris were governor.

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