Green signs are all over Downtown Windsor, "Vote Yes on 200," "Vote No on 200." Coming in the latter part of January, one will win.

Things are coming to a boil in Windsor, home to our radio stations, when it comes to "parking" or "apartments;" a special election looks to settle the argument. We love our little town of Windsor; we hate to see this argument happening.

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Thousands of vehicles, every day, travel along Highway 392 as it goes through Downtown Windsor; many may be wondering what "200" is all about. Thousands of residents of Windsor are concerned about the future of the town, and this special election with the Town of Windsor will decide things, one way or the other.

TSM/Dave Jensen

On January 24, 2022, the Town of Windsor will hold a special election (with mail in ballots having gone out on January 3, 2022;) on the ballot for that election is Question 200, which looks to amend Windsor's Municipal Code to make the "Backlots" a permanent parking zone.

TSM/Dave Jensen
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A new development is planned, that would include new commercial spaces with 240 apartments and parking (for residents.) Those in favor of the development are looking for it to help Downtown Windsor continue to prosper. Changing the code will prevent the development from happening.


Those in favor are wanting to keep the "Backlots" parking that's south of Boardwalk Park and north of businesses along Main, between 5th street and 7th Street. Their argument is that the new development would push parking out into residential areas, making it more difficult to get to Boardwalk Park and the businesses in that part of downtown.


Parking is certainly an issue for Downtown Windsor, but you can also see where developing the area for more business and residents would also benefit the town. Either way the measure goes, the town will still be left with tough decisions.

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