The ‘South Catalyst Project’ in Downtown Loveland will be heating things up come spring of 2018. With that, an ice cream vendor out of Denver is looking to be a part of it, to help cool things down on hot summer days!

Little Man
Dave Jensen, TSM

Ice cream lovers, rejoice! When Loveland’s ‘South Catalyst’ is completed by the spring of 2018 (estimated), we might be seeing a giant milk can as a part of it: Little Man Ice Cream, out of Denver, has signed a ‘letter of intent’ to put a location in the ‘Catalyst!’

In April of 2015, Little Man had interest, and had invested dollars, to open their second location in Downtown Fort Collins; but rules about signs and historic buildings kept the deal from happening. Little Man continues to find and open new locations, and it looks like Loveland will be on the list.

Little Man - South Catalyst
Dave Jensen, TSM/OZ Architecture

I think this is great. I’ve been to the location in Denver, in what’s called the ‘Little Man Community Plaza.’ People line up for a half hour to get to one of the serving windows in the ‘can’ to get their favorites, and then hang around! 'Community' is important to the company, as well as helping communities in need: For every scoop of ice cream that Little Man sells, they donate a scoop of rice or beans to communities across the world!

This will be a fantastic addition to the ‘South Catalyst’: Movies, retails, apartments…. And ice cream!

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