Taking the kids to Denver for a Rockies game? Going to Elitch's? Maybe a date along the 16th Street Mall? All are great adventures. Since you'll be in the area, may we recommend one the most unique places for ice cream you’re ever going to find, and it’s a great company!

Dave Jensen, TSM

“It’s the place with the giant milk can!” That’s how people refer to Little Man Ice Cream in Denver. It’s definitely a destination place when visiting downtown Denver. It resides inside a 28-foot tall milk can (technically, it’s a cream can)! ‘Little Man.’ It’s like an oxymoron. The truth is that it’s called because ‘Little Man’ is what people called the founder’s dad; and he, in turn, was large at heart!

You get to the location near the South Platte River, and you see a line of people waiting to get their scoop(s). You say, “This is crazy!” “Trust me, it’s worth it” your guide says. You linger in line; you do some people watching. You advance in line and you come across these posts that hold lights, and the posts have little markings from people, like you, who have waited to get their own Little Man. You feel you are on an expedition, following a trail that others have traversed, and now it’s your turn.

You finally get up to the counter, and a friendly staff is eager to get you your scoop of their great homemade ice cream! You honestly feel you’ve achieved something, and the ice cream is your reward. It’s fun!

Dave Jensen, TSM

What takes Little Man over the top is their community service. They have a program called “Scoop to Scoop’, where for EVERY SCOOP of ice cream they sell, they donate a scoop of rice or beans to a community in need somewhere in the world. How cool is that?

OK. So you’re standing outside a giant 14,000 pound cream can having a couple of scoops. Nice. You’re a quick walk over to Commons West Park- which runs along the South Platte River. By heading that way, you’re also now heading onto the 16th Street Mall; your 'Denver Adventure Day' continues!

Have fun!