In November 2022, Colorado voters approved Proposition 125, which allows Colorado grocery and convenience stores to sell wine. That means the Trader Joe's in Fort Collins will sell that tasty Charles Shaw wine.

Actually, all the Trader Joe's in Colorado will be able to join the one on Colorado Boulevard in Denver, which already does sell wine. Trader Joe's has a wide selection of food items; how many people will now be coming in for just the wine?

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Those who regularly shop at Trader Joe's often have their certain "favorite" items that they like to get, like their Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks or their vegetable fried rice. The Coloradoan reports that Trader Joe's has announced that all of their Centennial State stores will offer wine; I would expect them to see new customers, and those customers coming in for their own favorite items.


If you haven't had that "cheap" wine that you can get at Trader Joe's, I would suggest making some room in the car and at home because you're going to want to bring a couple of cases home. You may hear "cheap wine" and be put off, but this wine is really pretty good. And for the price, it's very good.


The wine is Charles Shaw wine. Charles Shaw once had a very successful award-winning winery in California. Still, a couple of bad decisions forced him into bankruptcy, and he sold his winery for a measly $25,000 in 1995. It's the new owners, Fraznia Wine and its subsidiary, Bronco Wine Co., that were able to produce the less expensive wine. The "cheap" wine made the name "Charles Shaw" famous, as it's known as "Two Buck Chuck," at Trader Joe's.

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Not exactly. They haven't sold the wine for only $1.99 for more than a few years. I called Trader Joe's on Colorado Boulevard in Denver and confirmed that the cheapest "Chuck" that they'll be selling is priced at $4.49.

That is still a great price for a good bottle of wine. You have probably paid a lot more for a bottle of wine that you didn't really like all that much. The Charles Shaw line of wines will be well worth your four and a half dollars.

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