Mehaffey Park in Loveland opens August 1, 2015. It’s really unlike any park that Loveland currently has, with 64 acres of fun! An Adventure Playground, tennis courts, a skate park, picnic knolls, basketball courts, four pickleball courts, a dog park, disc-golf and much more.

Thing is, the map of the park… kind of looks like… We’ll, you look and you decide.

It’s been just a big open field for years, at the corner of 29th Street and Wilson in Loveland. With the summer of 2015, that field begins a new life as Mehaffey Park.  The City of Loveland bought the land from the Mehaffey’s way back in 1997, and  started working on Mehaffey Park in the summer of 2013. With the opening of the park, it will become Loveland’s second largest developed park – second to Fairgrounds Park/Barnes Softball Complex.

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I’ve been looking forward to this park for some time.  Loveland has needed just this kind of park for a very long time!  I was eager to hear that it would include a 9-hole disc-golf course, thought that won’t happen for a couple of more years.  Any way you look at it, the park will have something for everybody.

Speaking of looking at the park, there’s a map of Mehaffey Park that kind of looks like something out of my Jr. High Health classes at Conrad Ball in the 80’s. Take a look, and see if YOU see what I see, or if you see something more…logical. Like ‘just a bunch of circles.’

I printed out the map and took it around to my coworkers here at the radio station, to see if they saw what I saw when looking at the map. I asked eight coworkers… I got some varied answers, including a door handle and an alien screaming, but a lot of them saw what I saw.

Do you agree, that Loveland is giving birth to a new park?

Get more on Mehaffey Park from the City of Loveland HERE!

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