We've learned that there are many roads and houses throughout the state of Colorado that bring the "scare factor". Now I've found out that Thornton has it's own haunt.

Today we introduce you to Riverdale Road, which is located in the town of Thornton west of Highway 85.

According to Paranormal Stories Colorado, the road is the home to many different haunts including ghosts of slaves, ghost children, the jogger of Jogger's Hill, and many more scares.

However, what caught my attention the most was the story that "Hell's Gates" are also located on Riverdale Road in Thornton. No one knows where they are located exactly, but anything with that name conjures up many possible nightmares that could occur.

The Paranormal Stories website says that "unspeakable things" happen here, and I'm not sure I want to test it out to see if that is the case.

Is there truth to any of these stories, or the other different legends that the locals have talked about? Quite possibly.

Or quite possibly not.

Either way, there is documentation on Youtube of people trying to solve these legends, or to see if they are fake.

Here are some of the videos that have been captured. What do you think?


The first video definitely does a great job in trying to see if they can find any apparitions or to see if they hear anything. Is their story believable?


The next video is just this girl giving the story of what she experienced along Riverdale Road. Think she's just making up the story?


And here is one more video of someone exploring Riverdale Road. Think you want to take the trip there now?






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