What if Stevie Nicks had joined Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers? That's the premise behind The Petty Nicks Experience, and it is quite a show.

They sounded so good together, Stevie Nicks and the late Tom Petty. Why not put a band together that is a tribute to that sound, as well as each artist's solo work, and Nicks' Fleetwood Mac work?

The Petty Nicks Experience will play on Saturday, March 5, 2022, at the Loveland's historic Rialto Theater.

From their video, the woman who tributes Stevie Nicks sounds a lot like her and dressed the part as well. The Tom Petty person, definitely has the look of the late rocker, and the music is spot on.

You can listen to my interview with the band, for when they played at Fox Theater in Boulder, here:


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The Rialto Theater opened its doors on May 26, 1920, and sold tickets for about ten-35 cents. There are about 450 comfortable seats today, but back when it opened, The Rialto had over 1,000 wooden seats.

In 1935, Ted and Mabel Thompson took over the running of The Rialto and really turned into a part of Loveland. Ted and Mabel became a major part of Loveland becoming The Sweetheart City as well. The Rialto stopped showing movies in 1977, and became a mall. It wasn't a great mall, and it ended up failing, with The Rialto sitting dormant until renovations began in 1987.

This will be a great show to check out the new state-of-the-art sound system The Rialto has recently installed.

Tickets for the show are $22, which is a great price to see such a show at a phenomenal venue. Get your tickets today.

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