Before the parties, before the trimming, before everyone stands to get a picture by it, the 2016 National Christmas Tree has to travel across the nation from Idaho. Friday (Nov 18, 2016) you can stop and wish it safe travels, as it will make a stop in Denver!

Alex Wong, Getty Images

This will be the last Christmas for President Obama and his family, and technically, the first Christmas tree for President-Elect Trump. It’s kind of a big deal. That’s why I think it’s neat that it’s rolling across the country on its way to Washington.

This year's tree, an 80 foot Engelmann spruce was harvested in Idaho in early November. It has to travel 3,000 miles to get to the capitol, stopping here and there along the way. One of those stops happens in Denver on Friday, November 18, 2016.

Fittingly enough, it will stop at Bass Pro Shops/Outdoor World in the area known as Northfield. It really isn’t hard to get to:  I-25 to I-270, I-270 east to Northfield. Boom.  The tree will be there for just two hours, Noon-2pm. You could get down there, check out the tree and grab some lunch!

Then, when they have the lighting ceremony on December 6, 2016, you can say ‘Hey! We saw that tree before it had all those lights and ornaments!’

Check out the lumberjacks in Idaho harvesting the tree!

You can track the tree as it makes it way to Washington, HERE