It's a holiday tradition in our house that started when my kids were young enough to need a drive to settle down and to entertain them without spending a bunch of money. On Christmas Eve, when their adrenaline was pumping in anticipation of Santa's arrival, they'd load up in the back of the Chevy Trailblazer wearing their pajamas and clutching their pillows and blankets as we explore neighborhoods in search of the most amazing displays of Christmas lights. I'm delighted to report that both kids are teenagers now, with one of them possessing a driver's license, and they are still eager to "do the tour" on Christmas Eve.

Our neighborhood (Ridgewood Hills-College & Trilby) isn't a bad neighborhood for Christmas cheer. I'd say 80% of the houses are decked out in lights and displays.

Another neighborhood we visit is Eagle Ranch Estates (on the West side of I-25, off Carpenter). Actually, that's a nice neighborhood to visit anytime of the year. Those homes are really nice. With lights, even better.

I've also heard the neighborhoods surrounding Mariana Butte Golf Course are nicely decked out.

What about you? Where are the places you like to go for lights? Our family would love to expand our tour on Christmas Eve.

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