Colorado pet owners have the chance to get themselves on TV with their furry friend. That is, if their trick makes the grade.

One of the greatest 'bits' on TV is making a return, and they are coming to Colorado to see what we've got.

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What TV Show is Coming to Colorado Looking for Pets?

According to Denver Gazette, in what some will call "amazing news," David Letterman's classic, 'Stupid Pet Tricks' is coming back (in a way) and Coloradans, along with their pets, could be on it.

Will David Letterman be Hosting the Show?

No. Sarah Silverman will be the host; but according to the trailer, they're going to have a lot of special guest stars, like Will Ferrell and Jon Hamm.


Is There a 'Big' Prize Involved With the Show?

It looks like, just like when it was on Late Night with David Letterman, "Stupid Pet Tricks" is only for exhibition and (again) wagering be discouraged.

Please, no wagering.


When Does 'Stupid Pet Tricks' Start on TV?

It'll be on TBS starting February 11, 2024, at 3 p.m. MST, before the kickoff time for the Super Bowl.

When/Where Will They Be in Colorado For Auditions?

Oskar Blues in Longmont
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Does It Cost Money to Audition for 'Stupid Pet Tricks?'

It does not, but bring money for pet adoptions that will be on site, along with beer, food trucks, music, fun, and a stage for your "Stupid Pet Trick" performance.

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