TV shows filmed in Colorado are always a fun thing, but when it's "Antiques Roadshow," the fun really gets amped up.

To have the opportunity to bring something you own, that you think may be of value, to them has got to be on at least a few Coloradans' "bucket list."

Will that lamp your great-grandmother stashed away in the attic turn out to be worth $100,000? Maybe you bought a painting that you like for $100 and it's actually worth $500,000.

Antique piano

How Long has "Antiques Roadshow" been on PBS?

Based on the British version of "Antiques Roadshow," PBS's version has been airing since 1997.

Remember When "Will & Grace" brought a Teapot to "Antiques Roadshow?"

In 2000, in season 2 of "Will & Grace," Grace and Jack go onto a similarly named, "Antiques on the Road" with a teapot that they think is worthless. That teapot turns out to be worth '$30,000.

Fun fact about that episode is that it's the first episode where Karen uses her alias, "Anastasia Beaverhausen."

I'd include a YouTube clip, but you have to pay for it. Booo. I did find a great clip of "Anastasia," however.

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When Will 'Antiques Roadshow' Be in Colorado in 2024?

According to FOX31, the fun show will be in Colorado on May 29, 2024.

Where Will 'Antiques Roadshow' Be When It's in Colorado?

In Littleton at Denver Botanic Gardens - Chatfield Farms. Tickets to attend are free, but you have to win them; you can enter with PBS HERE.

Watch this veteran on "Antiques Roadshow" get so surprised he collapses, over the value of a Rolex he owns.

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