Maybe you've noticed your water in Loveland tasting and smelling 'funky' for the last couple of days. It's nature that your tasting/smelling.

On Sunday, October 18, 2020, I noticed that my tap water in Downtown Loveland had an odor and definitely did not taste normal.

On Monday, I contacted Loveland Water & Power, and they got me in touch with their lab representative who gave me some information.

First off, they stated that not many people can detect the minimal change in concentration that Loveland is experiencing from a season algae bloom affecting the city's water supply. I guess they were trying to compliment me.

I was told that the carbon filtering picks up most of the Geosmin and Methylisoborneol compounds that are naturally in the water from an algae bloom; and just a tiny amount of them had gotten passed the filtration causing the 'musty' and 'earthy' taste/smell.

They noted that it's when you use hot water that you can really notice the increase in the compounds because they do not like heat and separate themselves from the water more than in cold water.

Either way, it's a natural occurrence, and not harmful; these very minuscule levels and should pass within a couple of days.

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