The economy giveth, and the economy taketh away. Such is the case for a successful Colorado restaurant that, in many ways, might have fallen victim to its success and is being closed in a couple of short weeks.

If you're a fan of Vietnamese cuisine — which I most definitely am — you now have only through the middle of December to sample their massive and customizable menu of authentic pho, salads, rice bowls, and other delectable entrees.

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Westword reports that due to suddenly increased rent and the desire of her partners to move on from the venture, Chef An Nguyen will be closing down Savory Vietnam on West Alameda just west of I-25 in Denver effective Dec. 15.

The restaurant has been open since 2019, when Nguyen branched out from the family bakery and deli her parents ran until their retirement in 2017. She says that things had been going well for Savory Vietnam but suspects the landlord has raised rent as a result of their booming business and that staying open would require her to pass that expense onto her customers — ultimately, something she's not willing to do.

The last couple of years have been good ones for the restaurant, even winning "Best Vietnamese Restaurant" in Westword's "Best of Denver" issues the last couple of years. They've also participated in numerous fundraisers and hosted events for various community organizations.

Fortunately, the ride may not be entirely over, as Nguyen is actively searching for another location to open a smaller, more intimate, and focused restaurant with some of her culinary flair instead of the larger menu she's been operating with. You can check out the full article and details of her potential plans in Westword.

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