In an attempt to get his listeners into the Christmas spirit, an Austrian radio DJ locked himself in his studio and played "Last Christmas" nonstop for 2 hours.

Joe Kohlhofer played Wham's 1984 hit 24 times during his morning show as co-host Patricia Jordan watched helplessly through the glass partition (in the video above).

Kohlhofer ignored all phone calls from listeners asking him to stop - until his 4-year-old daughter called to tell him she didn't like it.

The station says Kohlhofer's stunt wasn't sanctioned, and Program Director Tommy Schmid told the Kurier newspaper he would face "consequences" for his actions.

But it looks like the station is banking on Kohlhofer's actions, covering the incident in full detail on its Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Listen to "Last Christmas" by Wham below!

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