A 32-year-old man who's been wanted for almost a month, as a suspect in a string of thefts, has finally been arrested by the Greeley Police Department.

Police originally began searching for Michael Lopez, after linking him to a spree of credit and debit card thefts. According to the investigation, police believed Lopez was targeting unlocked vehicles and open garages around Northern Colorado. He would then use the stolen cards to make expensive purchases, and was even spotted on a Wal-Mart security camera doing so.

On Tuesday, August 27, the Greeley Police Department's Special Enforcement Team worked alongside investigators from a property unit to steak out the location of where they believed Lopez to be staying. After several hours of surveillance, officers witnessed Lopez entering a trailer in Greeley.

Police surrounded the trailer, and while Lopez did attempt to flee out the back door, he didn't succeed and was instead arrested without further incident.

Weld County Police Department
Weld County Police Department

Lopez was booked into the Weld County Jail and faces charges on 14 outstanding felony warrants.

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