Opening a small business in Colorado takes a lot of courage, and determination. On the bright side, this pie maker has been doing well, already, with their food truck.

Find a food truck at a Farmer's Market can be a bit of a hassle, as you have to put it on your calendar to get to a particular market, during that season. Having a brick-and-mortar location to get a great pie, is much easier.

Breads, pies and pastries will be a part of this new pie shop; many will be stopping by for a special occasion to get the "right" pie, many will be coming often, to get the great breads and pastries.

Imagine how good the shop will smell when you walk in.

New Pie Shop Coming to Greeley, Colorado

By the summer of 2024, Downtown Greeley will be wrapping its arms around Rise and Pies - Breads Pies & Pastries, at 920 9th Avenue, just north of 10th Street.

Rise & Pies new location was once home to a shop called "Magical Moments" which specialized in princess, hero, and other fictional costumes. Now, the location will be home to "magical" food.

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Rise & Pies has been around for a while at local farmers markets in the Greeley area. The owner got their start at culinary school and interned at European bakery in California.

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Rise & Pies' owner also loves horses, and equates baking bread to raising horses:

They both require patience, perseverance, and spending a lot of time alone with your thoughts.  Just when you think you’ve figured it out, either the horse or the dough quickly proves you are only just beginning.

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