Will it be the beginning of good things to come? Or just another flash in the pan that's here today and gone tomorrow? That's the question many are asking as a new airline has announced service to and from Denver International Airport - the 25th airline to serve our major hub of the western half of the United States.

Other airlines currently using Denver as a hub for connections and offering direct service to cities across the U.S. are Southwest, United, and Frontier.

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But with the addition of a brand new airline to the routes at D.I.A. comes another destination to add to the list.

Breeze Airways announced that beginning May 16, they will offer non-stop service from Denver to Providence, RI, which is also relatively close to Boston, MA. In fact, on the Breeze website, while booking from Denver, it lists Providence/Boston as the destination. Denver is the 49th city Breeze will be serving since their official launch in May 2021.

They offer a low-cost flight experience, mostly with somewhat smaller planes than you may be used to, with a fleet of Airbus A220s and Embraer jets. Flights to Providence from Denver start at $99 one way and will be the first direct route between the two airports without having to connect somewhere else across the country.

While the Providence route is confirmed as the first destination for Breeze to and from Denver, no word on whether or not they will eventually offer more routes out of here, much like they are slated to do in Grand Junction. Breeze will be offering flights from Western Colorado to Orange County San Francisco, CA, and Provo, UT later this year.

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