Hi Friends...

As many of you know, I suffered a concussion from a fall this past week and was not able to focus with my normal laser like precision. At the advice of my Doctors, I took some days off.

Now; I'm as manly as the next guy, just don't get me near a 'tool' (whatever that is) or I could damage someone or something. But I'm taking a few more days out of the studio to re-develop my focus.

Concussions as my dear Susan Moore can attest are nothing to mess with.

So, I will return to the air Tuesday 2/21/12 (Mardis Gras - COOL) I promise you the best radio you can imagine and will be back to my 'old self'. (as Mom puts it)

Thank you for the kind posts on my personal Facebook page.

I promise to re-double my efforts on the air to keep you smiling and to improve myself and maybe you in the process. We ALL need that don't we ? Every once you get a wake up call like that .

This was mine.

If Marcy, (the angel) had not shown up to rescue me, I could be just a memory. That's not the way I want to go out. I have lost a total of 3 friends in the past year or so, good and close friends. Two broadcasters and a dear friend. None were over 50!!!!

Nuff said!

So this is a thank you to Marcy who thought I just had a cut. But, she made it so much better just by being there, and for that I am forever in your debt. (I'm sure I'll hear more about that later :) OK another dinner at Jays!

Look, the real reason I write this today, is I've been away too many times already this year. It won't happen again, unless it's a 'real' injury or genuine vacation.

I enjoy my time with you and hope it's reciprocated! I've been in this business longer than I should mention right now. (Makes me seem old). But, I know who gets me by everyday. YOU! Call me-email stop by once in a while.

Don't ever think I don't appreciate each and everyone of you that takes the time to contact me via phone or email that it's not appreciated. Or those who never call, but just listen everyday, you are appreciated (Nope make that LOVED) as well.

This has been a bitch of a week for me, but it's taught me some valuable lessons. Let's start anew Tuesday (Mardi Gras)

I'll be there with a brand new attitude and commitment. Give it back to me. It means a lot!!!!

Look; radio is one on one. You don't me and I don't know, right ?

BS !

We've shared 20 years together. Maybe you remember when I lost my dogs Shadow or Nishka. Maybe you remember when all of the sudden I stopped talking about my relationships? I don't know. These were very real things that were happening in my life.

Nowadays, I find myself more guarded about talking about those types of experiences. Sometimes it's seems dis-honest, but I guess it's more self-protection.

Anyone, got something to say about this rant? I'm guessing not. But, that's OK!


Help me crush my competitors.

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