Every time I begin to write a new song, it reminds me of all of those who've helped me bring my creations into reality. Not just the musicians, but all of my friends and company who encourage me.

While i tend to toil away quietly in my little home studio when writing and recording, I do on occasion reach out to brethren and sisters in song.

Every once in while I hear back with a LIKE or friending. :)

I just began writing 'She's a Hurricane' . This is going to end up being one of my favorites. I can feel it. I had a friend ask, 'who's it about?'

Every woman who's blown in and out of my life !

My songs have seldom been about a specific person, though some have. Most believe they are about specific relationships. But, they are usually about an experience that we all have shared. A conglomeration of happenings in our life if you will.

I believe that's what makes these creations special.

There is a personal touch that speaks to our individual-collective souls.

My personal favorite songwriters include Billy Joel, Diane Warren, Cat Stevens, Harry Chapin, Marc Cohn and many more.

This is what makes the GREAT song crafter's masters at their art. I don't claim to be in their company, though I pledge to continue my quest.

I've always described songwriting, not as a personal talent , but instead a fortunate happenstance.

Imagine a stream of shared ideas hovering above your head and you just happen to pop your head into that stream. I have that ability for whatever reason. It's what gives me serenity and torment.

I have songs that I've written in 10 minutes and others that continue to haunt me 30 years later because they're not done.

Such is the creative process.

The past year or so, I've been fortunate in that I've written a half a dozen new songs and actually finished them. The new problem, getting them recorded. I'm so much of a perfectionist that they're never done in my opinion. Others tell me just walk away, it's great.

How ? Maybe, it's something I can learn in my second half century!

"She's a Hurricane" coming soon to a player near you, no really I swear!

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