Last night I went out to perform at an open mike night. It was at the Drake Park Restaurant. Certainly one of my personal favorite places in Fort Collins.

It was my first journey out to perform live in a while. I've been focusing on recording my music in my studio as of late and just didn't have the energy, not to mention getting up at 3 am can interfere with one's willingness to get out in the evening.

I've been fortunate to be invited to many other open mike night's and it's a joy to connect with the many talented local musicians here in Northern Colorado.

I have one request though of the patrons of these FREE music nights, at whatever venue.

A little more respect for the musicians.

The decibel level at some points equaled that of at 747 at about 20 feet in height.These performers are pouring their hearts and souls into the music and at times the loud level of conversation and total ignoring of the performers borders on dis-respect.

Most of the performers are doing cover songs, while when I play it's almost all my originals. I was fortunate last night in that I seemed to garner a little more attention than some of the others who played. Either way, I would like to see a little more rapt attention to each player's attempt to entertain YOU.

Just a personal observation that has troubled me for a long time and kept me from doing open mike nights in the past.

I plan on getting out a little more in the future and hope maybe you'll take a little time out of your busy schedule and bar room conversation to appreciate the efforts of those who are on stage.