Yesterday, one of my co-workers Ashley caught me a little off guard saying "Michael Stone, what's your New Year's resolution"?

Normally, I've never been one to make

resolutions. When you get up at 3am everyday a midnight celebration of the new year is something that just falls to the wayside as another day.

What surprised me was the rapidity with which I answered her query.

I instantly, almost reflexively, responded, 'release 10 of my original songs on iTunes.'

She said cool, so did Katleen who was sitting nearby.

It was then that I realized that perhaps I had thought it through or at the very least had some subliminal goals.

Now, I guess I've jumped on the resolution band wagon. In fact, this is not just a year long resolution now. Nope; now I find myself thinking, why not 20 songs by the end of the year, or why not 10 by March?

Amazing what a few words from someone can do in your life, if you let them in.

So the New Year's cynic in my soul has been purged, thank you for that Ashley. and Kathleen.

I guess my real resolution has less to do with recording and releasing my music, but instead resolving to grab each day with more gusto than the one before.