Here in the U.S. we have a rather conservative New Year's Eve tradition of kissing someone that the stroke of midnight. Check out some of the things other people do around the world.

  • Dean Mouhtaropoulos, Getty Images
    Dean Mouhtaropoulos, Getty Images


    Folks dress up in bear furs or costumes and walk the streets to ward off evil.

  • Alexander Hassenstein, Getty Images
    Alexander Hassenstein, Getty Images

    The Danish

    They hurl their old plates at the doorways of friends and family, or neighbor's they want to have good luck in the coming year.

  • Jeff J Mitchell, Getty Images
    Jeff J Mitchell, Getty Images

    South American Countries

    They wear different color undies and red means you're in the mood for love.

  • Matt Cardy, Getty Images
    Matt Cardy, Getty Images

    The French

    They eat some sweet carb-loaded food like pancakes.

  • Quim Llenas, Getty Images
    Quim Llenas, Getty Images


    Can you stuff 12 grapes in your mouth? If so, you just might have a good year, according to folks in Spain.

  • ChinaFotoPress, Getty Images
    ChinaFotoPress, Getty Images

    Takanakuy, Peru

    People with conflicts settle them Fight Club style and then start the year with a fresh slate.

  • Darren England, Getty Images
    Darren England, Getty Images


    They participate ice diving to plant trees under the frozen waters.

  • Fox Photos, Getty Images
    Fox Photos, Getty Images

    Denmark, Phillippines & Brazil

    They all participate in the jumping over chairs, waves and just twelve times in a row.

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