You know I read about the concerns of coaches and parents and the increasing frequency of concussions suffered during sports, especially football games. Their concerns are understandable, who else is going to take care of our kids if it's not their adult mentors?

Pro football players go through this all of the time, but radio air personalities?

But guess what? Yours truly experienced just that. A serious bonk to the noggin'. I'd like to tell you it was a romp with an Elk, like my broken ribs, actually a slip on the ice. Or that I encountered a 250 pound linebacker while stopping a touchdown play.

Nope, not me.

I slipped getting out of the shower.

I have no idea how long I was out, but eventually I regained consciousness (MOM don't freak out). Geez.

Then for what ever bizarre reason I went over and turned Billy Joel (live at Shea-great album BTW) on the boom box, unlocked my door, went and laid on the couch, semi-undressed, and called my friend Marcy and asked for help. I have no idea how I even got to the phone.

Very little of this is in my memory. It was a CONCUSSION after all. Marcy asked if I should go to the hospital.


I'm a guy, so she shuffled me to bed, then went to enjoy Mamma Mia at UCCC.

She then came back to check on my groggy condition, afterward, which I appreciate.

But when it was the next morning, I realized something wasn't right. I was having trouble organizing my thoughts. I was making mistakes on the air, I would never make normally. I'm usually VERY focused!!!

Move on to Tuesday and it got even worse, that's when I let my man ego go down a notch or two and went to my Doctor. Sure enough, a concussion. Rest! Rest! Rest ! Here's what WEB MD has to say about concussions.


I was only out a few hours, (I think)

My Morning partner was run over by a herd of horses, spooked by the wind, and knocked out. I could tell immediately she wasn't her normal self and suggested a concussion and convinced her to visit the Doctor and sure enough she had suffered one.

The same happened to me when I realized things weren't quite normal. I wasn't myself.

So, my suggestion is that if you get run over by a herd of spooked horses, an over zealous 250 pound linebacker or and embarrassingly fall from the shower while completely naked (more info than you needed to know eh?}

Get it checked out.

Sometimes we're too embarrassed to admit to our physicians what's happened. Trust me they've seen it all. I know, I've revealed far too much in the past weeks.

I give you this message as a cautionary tale. You may 'think' you're OK when you truly need a pro's care. Trust me this is something you don't want to happen and to go untreated.

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