The Powerball jackpot for Colorado's Lottery is now sitting at $1.2 BILLION. Life changing money, in fact when I think about what I'd do with that kind of money...I just kind of go blank and don't even know which direction I would go first...but what an amazing "problem" to have.

The next drawing is going to be tomorrow (Wednesday November 2)

Looking back at lottery history, the largest Mega Millions jackpot  happened not too awful long ago, back in October 2018 when it reached $1.537 BILLION dollars.

But hey, $1.2 BILLION is nothing to sneeze at right? Winning isn't easy though in fact, here are some things that are more likely to happen than you winning either one of these jackpots.

According to the CDC, you have a better shot at getting injured in your bathroom than winning.

According to the National Weather Service, you have a better chance at getting struck by lighting, you're about 250 times more likely to get struck down by lightning this year with the odds being at 1 in 1,171,000.

And according to my personal stats, the Rockies are more likely to win the World Series this year...actually you WILL have a better chance at winning than the Rockies this year because their chances are actually at 0.01%.

Now, with all of that being said, I'm STILL playing and if you are and you'd like to check out some of these lucky lottery spots in Colorado.

Go for it, just go for it and good luck. You just might be schmoozing with the likes of THESE folks soon.

(Just remember who told you about this)

The 5 richest people in the world: (according to Hello Travel

  1. Jeff Bezos (net worth $112 Billion)
  2. Bill Gates (net worth $90 Billion)
  3. Warren Buffett (net worth $84 billion)
  4. Bernard Arnault (net worth $72 billion)
  5. Mark Zuckerberg (net worth $71billion)



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