Boulder is the city in Colorado that folks just seem to have a fun time making fun of. Has that led to an exodus from the 'People's Republic?'

When someone mentions Boulder, I, myself, have been known to once or twice describe the city's populace as 'hippies' in the most curmudgeonly tone I can muster. I don't really have anything against Boulder, but I do like saying 'hippies,' like I'm an angry old man. But I didn't think the state-wide anathema (all in good fun) towards the city might be reflected in Boulder's population.

The Longmont Times-Call has the story on how the latest data available is showing that Boulder is not as 'big,' population-wise, as it was just three years ago. Do you know who's bigger now? Greeley.

Actually, the data shows that Boulder and Greeley have been neck-and-neck over the last few years, but now it's Greeley at the #11 spot as the most-populated city in Colorado, and Boulder is at #12. Meanwhile, Fort Collins is 4th on the list.

As of July 2019 (the latest date available), Greeley has 108.649 people, while Boulder has 105,673. Fort Collins, is reported to have 170,243 people.

The Times-Call notes that this is the third year in a row that the population has declined for the home of the Bolder Boulder. I wonder where the Boulderites are moving to? Could it be Greeley?

Just kidding, I can't imagine Boulderites living in Greeley. But, who knows?

Get more on Boulder and Greeley's population numbers from the Longmont Times-Call HERE.

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