No one should be shocked that Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert wouldn't just disappear from the political spotlight. Colorado's 4th Congressional District leans conservative, so why not give it a shot?

The nation will have its eyes on Boebert's new Colorado campaign; it's not often a politician makes the news in the way that she has done during her career thus far.

Though Boebert doesn't have to live within the 4th Congressional District if she wins, she will most likely be visiting key cities within the district during her campaign.

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There are four other Republicans running to take the place of Ken Buck, who's retiring. Those four must have started scrambling when word got out that Lauren Boebert will now also be running. "Great. Just great."

Where is Colorado's Fourth Congressional District?

The 4th Congressional District takes up a large swath across Colorado's eastern plains, stretching from the Wyoming border south to New Mexico, and east all the way to the Nebraska and Kansas borders.

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With 750,000 people within the 4th District, Boebert will want to hit the biggest cities to make the biggest impact toward winning the 2024 election. People in these cities should be prepared for lots of media to follow her to town.

What are the biggest cities in Colorado's 4th Congressional District?

  • PARKER. While campaigning in Parker, Boebert might mention how she's "one of them," as the town is named after two brothers, one of whom operated a saloon on Parker Road. She could hold a little rally at the Wild Goose Saloon there in Parker.
  • CASTLE ROCK.  Boebert's campaign might make a stop at the Outlets at Castle Rock, then invite everyone over to nearby Rockyard Brewing for a beer.


  • HIGHLANDS RANCH.  With Highlands Ranch being only 43 years old, Boebert could talk about how she's young, too, for a politician. She might be interested in stopping in at Lansdowne Arms - a local pub that sounds like guns.
  • LOVELAND.  Boebert will probably come to the biggest city to the north in the 4th District, Loveland, to campaign. She'll probably use the term "Sweetheart City" while there and invite folks to join her at Tom Davis Saloon for a cold one.

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