Since opening in November in the Centerra Marketplace at 1450 Fall River Drive in Loveland, In-N-Out Burger has been all the rage, with the residents of Northern Colorado coming from far, far away and waiting in line for quite some time to get a bite. The California-based burger restaurant has become a cultural phenomenon in many parts of the country, with many Coloradans getting their first taste of it as it has finally arrived in the state.

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Previously, you would have to travel to California, Arizona or fabulous Las Vegas to get your fix, but thanks to its recent expansion into other states, that's no longer the case. In addition to the near brand new Loveland location, there are two more in Colorado Springs and another six in the Denver metro area opened in the last few years.


Sadly, however, that leaves those of us up here in NoCo with only one spot to go "animal style" or whatever your preference may be. But if In-N-Out gets its way, that will soon be changing.

The California-born burger joint has formally filed development plans for a new location in Northern Colorado — a spot that will make people who live in Fort Collins and Windsor particularly happy.

The new location will be located east of I-25, technically in Timnath, within the much talked about Ladera project on the southeast corner of I-25 and Harmony. If you remember, this is the site that Top Golf was interested in but was ultimately shot down.

Connell LLC owns the subdivision, and In-N-Out is just a single piece of a much larger puzzle they're hoping to develop there, along with a LaQuinta/Hawthorn hotel and other businesses just south of the Costco location open for nearly a decade.

The Timnath Town Council will meet next Tuesday, Feb. 13, no doubt, with this exciting news being the buzz of the conversation.

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