With the Labor Day weekend quickly approaching us, you may be planning that holiday BBQ with friends...which means you need some great meat for the grill!

Everyone knows that meat gets expensive, but a new attraction rolling into Greeley promises low-cost meats...if you show up and find the tent!

If you get to the Greeley Mall parking lot over the next couple of weeks, our stations will be present at the Mall Tent Meat Sale, where consumers will be offered a deal where they can get 20 ribeyes for only $25 (and that's not their only sweet deal).  Homestead Steaks Mega Meat Market is a company whose business model involves selling you and your brood family-style meals to last you over weeks-- or even months.

The company's website mentions that the whole point of their truck is to "Skip the middle-man and woman," in order to provide you with the best deal.  Carry-out help is also offered if you've spent time emptying your truck for just this occasion.

If you're looking to get your BBQ party stocked up with some of the best meats in the area, this is a good place to start.  Summer is almost over, but that doesn't mean that barbecue season has gone out the window!

Keep in mind that it is only available for a limited time, so plan accordingly. Your friends will love you for all the meat you have stocked up on for the big Labor Day weekend party you're throwing, so take advantage of it while you have the chance.


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