When it comes to Colorado hot springs locations, a new one has hit the map and it sounds like the perfect place to relax at.

Our planet can be a very magical place and natural hot springs are among the most magical spots you can find. Hot, relaxing, soothing: Time well spent, doing nothing at all but soaking.

Hot Springs in Colorado
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A Colorado restaurant "dynasty" eventually lead to a place where Coloradans and tourists can visit seven days a week for a great "soak."

Where is The New Hot Springs Location in Colorado?

Two hours south of Denver is Buena Vista, a beautiful town along the Arkansas River. Once owned by the Ute tribe, the area has a history of gold mining.

These days in Buena Vista, you'll find many outdoor activities, local craft breweries and other tourist destinations, including lodging. One place you can stay at now also has hot springs that are open to the public, which is great, because staying there is pretty expensive.

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The Merrifield Homestead Cabins in Buena Vista date back to a family that came to town in the late 1800s. The Merrifield's started and sold more than half dozen restaurants in Buena Vista; their children, and grandchildren became the operators of these two lodging cabins.

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Westword has the story on the Merrifield Homestead Cabins now have the Charlotte Hot Springs. Charlotte Merrifield was married to Roy Merrifield, who operated one of those initial restaurants in town. There are three pools that vary in temperature.

Hot Springs in Colorado
Facebook/Charlotte Hot-Springs Resort

How Much Does It Cost to Soak in the New Hot Springs in Colorado?

The Charlotte Hot Springs:

  • Day Pass: $30 (Monday-Thursday.)
  • Day Pass: $35 (Friday-Sunday)
  • $25/$30 for Seniors, Military and Children under 17.

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