Colorado is getting its first high-speed train with Amtrak. High-speed testing was conducted, and we found the video of how it went.

The train traveled at speeds up to 165 mph, when it was originally anticipated to reach 160 mph.

Amtrak’s new Acela fleet, scheduled to enter service on the Northeast Corridor (NEC) in 2021, continues to progress with its high-speed testing at Transportation Technology Center near Pueblo, Colo., as the first Acela prototype completed another milestone by traveling at speeds up to 165 mph...


There are five Amtrak stations in Colorado:

This train's plans were announced nearly four years ago, in August of 2016.

Amtrak's testing period is expected to last nearly nine months. Testing started in February, and the trains are expected to start seeing usage in 2021.


Amtrak’s upgraded Acela Express will use 40% less energy per passenger and reach speeds up to 160 mph with hopes of eventually reaching up to 186 mph.

Source: Amtrak

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