One Colorado woman who attended the Donald Trump rally in Loveland on Monday night says she and her daughter with disabilities were harassed by Trump supporters and escorted out of the Budweiser Events Center by U.S. Secret Service.

According to Denver7, Jennifer Mau brought her 7-year-old daughter with disabilities to the rally as an undecided voter, looking to learn more about the Republican 2016 presidential nominee before coming to a final decision on who she'll support in November.

When she decided to leave the rally (for unsaid reasons), Mau says supporters around her began to harass her and ask why she was leaving. Unnerved, Mau says she replied, "Why are you here? He makes fun of people like you."

People allegedly began yelling at her, and one even followed Mau and her daughter on their way out to say that "if she loved her daughter she should vote for Trump."

The pair were escorted out by Secret Service and some people ended up walking out with her, telling her daughter that she is beautiful.

I was at the rally, and my guess is that the people who began yelling were probably chanting, "Trump! Trump! Trump!" The crowd was instructed to do so if a protester began demonstrating, as to point out to law enforcement that there is a protester that needs to be escorted out. It sounds to me that Mau was not a protester to begin with, but was obviously unhappy with what was being said for whatever reason and just decided to leave.

Should she have responded the way she did? She certainly needed to stand up for herself, her daughter, and her feelings at the time, but perhaps insulting Trump is what made his supporters angry (which is completely understandable).

Of course, this is just my assumption. Whoever she decides to vote for - whether it's Trump, Clinton, Johnson, or someone else - it's not okay to harass anyone and make anyone feel uncomfortable, especially if there's a child involved. If Mau doesn't support Trump in the end, that does not make her a bad person. It only makes her a human being that disagrees with what you believe in, and she certainly is not the first nor the last person to disagree with the other side.

Also, Mau truly loves her daughter and it's clear to me that she truly cares enough to listen to both sides, including someone she ended up disagreeing with. That is phenomenal parenting.


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